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News Flash-Honolulu Star Bulletin reviews Faith's newest album!

on Fri, 10/11/2013 - 06:22

Island Mele: ‘Kulaiwi’ by Faith Ako
Kulaiwi, My Beloved Homeland’
Faith Ako (Faith Ako)
Expatriate islander Faith Ako, formerly of Kahuku and currently a resident of the Bay Area, excels at doing Hawaiian standards in traditional nahenahe (soft, melodious) style. She does so here with beautiful arrangements of “Pauoa Liko Ka Lehua,” “Puamana” and “Poliahu."
The other English-language song on the album is a timely 50th anniversary remake of Roy Orbison’s 1963-vintage “B-side” classic, “Blue Bayou,” that shows Ako’s potential as a mainstream pop singer. Ako’s “Blue Bayou” could easily be the preview cut of an entire album of pop chart remakes.
Whether the songs are newly written or island standards, Ako maintains the nahenahe feeling, singing and accompanying herself on 8-string ukukele.
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