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Hokule'a's Homecoming, Freight & Salvage Berkeley with Willie K., Moss Lane House Concert Series

on Sun, 06/25/2017 - 04:38

A big festive welcome home pa'ina for the Malama Honua Voyage Hokule'a Crew last Saturday, through our safe ocean waters in Honolulu. After being on world tour navigation for the last 3 years, honoring their experiences and life lessons, the voyage was most esteemed and recognized on June 17, 2017. This time last year of June 2016, I met up with them at Packard's Wharf on Martha's Vineyard Island, off the Massachusetts Coast. Their arrival got me emotional as I reminisced it's first journey out to sea some 40 years ago thru Oahu waters. Hokule'a had a welcome host of festivities and tribal meeting pa'ina with the Wampanoag Tribe of Mashpee, Masachusetts. Uncle Sam Low, Author/Historian of Hawai'ki Rising, a book about the ancient art of landfinding in the Pacific, spear headed the Vineyard event for a full week of education, tours and greetings to the local communitys on the Vineyard. My enjoyment also was hanging out with Aunty Marilyn, Aunty Ruth of Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard Ukulele Players and the Lindseys of the Big Island, who are the newest addition to Hawai'i's top artistry list.  Nothing could top off my 2016 summer better.(my grandkids actually could!)
I loved seeing the festivities online, the turnout to support Hokule'a's purpose in creating a sustainable experience on the ocean, while keeping Master Mau Piulag's vision alive and thriving. Some 300 crew members, 13-15 Captains for this long journey proved that the experience can happen and we can learn more about our habitat and a'ina on how to take care of it if we listen, use our resources and never waste what we've been given.

End of June already, geez summah is flying and I don't like it but am sure enjoying the time off.
​June 29 Thursday at the Freight in Berkeley, opening for Willie K., is pure excitement of course.
​I have opened up for his show a few times thru the years, that hawaiian will get you going with his jokes, laughter and most of all the MUSIC.
​Looking forward to seeing him, as always he puts out a fantastic performance.

​On July 8, Saturday, the guys and I are heading out to Granite Bay for Moss Lane House Concert Series. I happen to love house concerts, the intimacy with the guests, the home feeling and the vibe of aloha in someone's living room, can't touch that.
​Please click on my calendar link for more information on both shows, love summer and the aloha fans have for our music. Now where else I'd rather be, than to perform for "hawaiians at heart".
Thanks for stopping in, enjoy the great weather~mahalo piha, Faith

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