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Hokule'a East Coast Voyage, blew me away like a sail in the wind!

on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 23:49

Taking the trip back to Martha's Vineyard three times in nine months, WOW!
​A cultural, serene and transcendent experience it was for me to meet/greet the Ho'kulea Malama Honua Voyage.
With Uncle Sam Low, local author/film maker tying together event details for the last six months, The Wampoanag Tribe, volunteers, local businesses, Edgartown Grammar School all helping in every way to make this a successful welcome. We all came together and accomplished just that, a perfect three days spent learning about Hokule'a's purpose and mission. So indebted for the astonishing moments I witnessed on Martha's Vineyard, the exchanges of cultural traditions, song and dance, prayer chants, gifts and mostly the relation between all present. Breathtaking moments happened with the Hokule'a while ending Thursday late afternoon as we sang Hawai'i Aloha with crew and some 50 participants of the event. We all held hands in a large circle on Packers Wharf connecting to the Hokule'a crew on deck. A delightful course to end our aloha with each other and bid the crew a safe journey on the waters and home to their ohana soon. "Aloha lives in each of us", IMUA!!



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