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Boston, Maine here we come!

on Mon, 03/21/2016 - 06:03

Am I excited, YES! On way out to some snow and chill for my spring break this week to Boston. Will be teaching grades K-3rd graders simple ukulele instruction, along with some "noho hula" for the kids. A little history on some hula instruments and how to implement them in a hula auana dance. Monday thru Thursday will be workshop time, after which a little luau show to be held for parents/staff and community as we share our learned ukulele songs and dances. Party time with hula hoops and games after show, then off to Martha's Vineyard with Aunty Marilyn, Aunty Ruth for some kanikapila jams with awesome ukulele lovers on the island. These Auntys #rock,  it will be my second time to Boston in 6 months to perform and share my passion for the ukulele. Mahalo for the honor, many thanks to Karin Puffer and Westborough School District. Big kine hugs to Kumu Hula Shawna Alapa'i, Felila Ako for their mana'o and support.
Aloha lives~on the East Coast Islands too.



Phylissa's picture

Please come to Los Angeles!  Mahalo

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Hui, mahalo for your request, I was just in LA on the March 12 weekend in Gardena and Huntington Beach! Thankyou for your sweet message and support in Hawaiian Music, planning for a trip to LA before the end of year, aloha Phylissa!

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Hi, Keith here in Boston  Can't believe I missed you when you were here. If you come again, please give me a heads up...   I learned of you thorugh HiSessions and thanks for your music and for the musician you first introduced me to named Fiji. He has such a kind heart as do you.

Thanks also for your work as a school teacher in Santa Rosa......


Aloha from Boston, MA

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Hui mahalo Keith! Good to hear from you, I LOVE BOSTON! Thankyou for your kind words, actually I will be there on June 26 for the Hawaiian Hokulea Canoe Voyage entering Vineyard Haven shores on Tuesday June 28. It's going to be an historical event for Martha's town and I am so happy to be a part of it. Please come by if you can, mahalo piha~Faith

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Coming back to Martha's Vineyard for the Hokule'a Voyage arrival, hope you can make it out! June 28-July 1 is when we will have the festivities going on, aloha Keith~

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