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Hokule'a East Coast Voyage

on Thu, 06/09/2016 - 22:35

Alright folks, here it is as the Hokule'a Crew arrives on the shores of Martha's Vineyard June 28, 2016. Three great days to start off the town's festivities with greetings from the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Massachusetts Indians, Malama Honua Crew Stories, tours of the va'a-the vessel. Live entertainment by various groups in town, ukulele and hula to be present and perform. Then of course we have representing the West Coast and Hawai'i Moku-Big Island Duo Meleuhana group, along with myself and a little extra touch of Hawaiian Music, you know! Mahalo nui loa to Uncle Sam Low, Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Ruth, Nainoa Thompson and crew in educating us on the focused mission of this voyage so as to sustain the art of navigating without tools but by nature alone. Looking forward to the trip in two weeks, cha'hoo!


Keikilani Lindsey's picture

Leo and I are so very grateful for the opportunity to share Hawaiian music and culture with so many across the country this summer,.....but we can't be more excited for the opportunity to welcome the crew of the Hokule'a, with so many beautiful souls!

Our huaka'i (journey) toward the east coast is filled with many firsts for us! Right now, we are in northern Utah about to head to a performance in Cheyenne. Both first time visits for these Hawaiians! We will also see Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio and New York on our way to Martha's Vineyard for the first time, and get to meet and play with our cousin Faith Ako for the first time ever!! ....we have been facebook friends awhile tho:) I think, most of all, we regard the Hokule'a's voyage to be a fantastic act of ALOHA,..... and this chance we have to share the richness of emotion thru music and our culture is absolutely priceless!

Aloha piha, K 




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Hui, can't wait till June 28th, to see the Hokule'a Malama Honua Voyage arrive on the shores of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts! So thankful you both can make the trip and looking forward to sharing our aloha of mele with the crew, the locals from the surrounding communities and most of all to jam, right? Safe travels please, see you folks soon, mahalo piha Faith

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